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21.11.2014 15:06

“Hartmann Reederei presents world’s first ethane fuelled, eco-friendly LEG carrier

New “Star-Trilobe”-tank allows an increase in cargo capacity by nearly 30%, reducing shipping costs through economies of scale. Long-term agreement concluded with SABIC Petrochemicals via commercial manager GasChem Services. In co-operation with engineering consultants HB Hunte Engineering, Hartmann Reederei of Leer developed a unique, new type of vessel: Ethylene Carrier ECO STAR 36K with „Svelte“-bow design. The new vessel type differs fundamentally from conventional gas carriers: As the first of its kind, its superstructures will be located at the bow. This results in optimized distribution of weight and, therefore, a reduced demand for ballast water − which again leads to reduced fuel consumption and emissions at the same time. The new “Svelte” bow design enables the vessel to improve seakeeping at higher transit speeds and improved fuel efficiency.
Krzysztof Stolarczyk, MD of Hartmann Crew Consultants and HCC Team

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