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24.02.2012 23:37

Feederlins and MTL in HCC office

On 21st & 22nd in Gdynia and on 23rd & 24th of February 2012 Feederlines bv together with MTL (Maritime Transport Logistic) conducted a seminar for nautical and engine officers in Hartmann Crew Consultant?s offices. Seminar was conducted by Frank Seidler (Management), Roberts Bronts and Andrey Golovanov (both Quality / ISM department) from Feederlines side and Leszek Chojnacki (Operation department) from MTL. Topic: Advanced GLSM and Commercial Awareness 29 Polish officers employed on Feederlines vessels, together with representatives of Seagiant Shipmanagement and Hartmann Crew Consultants took part in that seminar.

Krzysztof Stolarczyk, MD of Hartmann Crew Consultants

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