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Due to the diversification within the Hartmann Group, the different ship management companies are constantly offering positions within the fleet.

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Wypełnienie aplikacji on-line oraz jej automatyczny export do bazy danych lub przesłanie aplikacji za pośrednictwem poczty e-mail na ogólnodostępny adres firmowy: (lub każdy inny z domeną ) oraz podanie danych osobowych jest uważanie za wyrażenie zgody na przetwarzanie danych i warunkiem uczestniczenia w rekrutacjach.

Presented job announcements are not a job offers in the sense of MLC 2006. Details in the office.

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Rank Vessel type Vessel GT Vessel flag Engine type Engine KW Date of join Remarks
E/CDvariousvariousvariousvariousvarious01.06.2023Cadet Electrician posn. Details upon contact.
2/EContainer9948LiberiaMAN B&W973015.05.2023Please contact our office for details.
BSN (Bosun) - ASAPLPG7208PortugalMAN592005.04.2023Please contact our office for details.
ETO - ASAPGeneral Cargo9530Marshall IslandsMAK540015.04.2023Posn. available ASAP. US Visa is must have. Container/Reefer vsls. experience in a must. Contract lenghth: 4M +/-1. Details upon contact.
ETOGeneral Cargo9530Marshall IslandsMAK540030.05.2023US Visa is must have. Contract length: 4M. Details upon contact.
C/OGeneral Cargo9530Marshall IslandsMAK540015.05.2023US Visa is must have. General Cargo/Container vsls. experience (at least as C/O) is a must. Contract lenghth: 4M. Details upon contact.
C/O - ASAPCement Carrier8559LiberiaDaihatsu500012.04.2023Posn. available ASAP. US Visa is must have. Cement Carrier experience (at least on posn. of C/O) is a must. Contract lenghth: 4M. Details upon contact.
ETOCement Carrier8559LiberiaDaihatsu500030.04.2023Posn. available also for ERT. Contract lenghth: 2-3M. Details upon contact.
C/OCement Carrier8559LiberiaDaihatsu500030.06.2023US Visa is must have. Cement Carrier experience (at least on posn. of C/O) is a must. Contract length: 4M. Details upon contact.
ETO - ASAPLPG2708Marshall IslandsAnsaldo210001.04.2023Posn. available ASAP. Contract length: 3M +/-1. Details upon contact.
Messman - ASAPLPG5945Portugal MAK450005.04.2023Deck officer promotion track available. Please contact our office for details.

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